Helicopter Safety

Meets v80 standard for the written portion of Helicopter Safety.
Keep all items low and secure as you approach or exit a helicopter.
It is okay to run to or from the helicopter.
Anyone can approach a helicopter when its main rotor is turning.
You can exit a helicopter as soon as the skids or wheels touch the ground.
It’s okay to approach a working helicopter from any angle as long as you stay clear of the tail rotor.
Any hard hat is okay when working with a helicopter.
Loose items, such as sleeping bags, jackets, hats, etc. shall be secured when working in and around hovering helicopters.
Flat level ground in a wide valley or gentle sloping ridge tops make the best landing zones.
The team leader is in charge of making the initial contact with a helicopter crew.
The pilot is always in charge, but search teams usually work with a Crew Chief.
All helicopters require about the same size of a landing zone.
A landing zone should be cleared of all obstacles higher than one foot.
In addition to a hard hat, a long sleeved shirt and safety glasses are the only other Personnel Protective Equipment required for working safely around helicopters.