Radio Communications

Meets v80 standard for the written portion of Radio Communications.
What receives on one frequency and simultaneously (re)transmits on another?
To ask a team to return to base, you would say over the radio:
The name of the frequency that is state wide for multi discipline command operations?
Which of these is a nation wide standard?
Your team is using a primary mission channel that is a repeater. You want to talk to a nearby team, without draining the batteries or distracting searchers on the other side of the mountain. The best way to do this without asking the nearby team to change frequencies is:
Which King County Sheriff's Office SAR frequency can be monitored and recorded by their Communications Center if requested?
The form in the Incident Action Plan that designates the radio plan is the?
145.110 MHz is a:
Radio performance is improved by:
What is the most used frequency for King County SAR missions?
What is the best orientation to hold your radio for best reception?
In a conventional radio, a frequency is?
Who of the following develops the Communications Plan for the Incident?
Which one of the following will NOT help prolong battery life?
When using a repeater channel and you do not hear the squelch tail after transmitting a message, what might that indicate?
Your radio in in your pouch on your chest. You are having trouble contacting the Command Post. They indicate that your transmissions are unreadable. Your best option is to improve your transmission is to?
You want to send a message to Team Far on the other side of a mountain but do not have direct contact with them. You must call Team Near who does have contact with Team Far. Team Near is an example of?