Searcher Safety

Meets v80 standard for the written portion of Searcher Safety.
Fresh snow is encountered on the trail. Your team leader has just completed avalanche training. What is your next step?
During moderate weather and in moderate terrain, a single rescuer is with a single, uninjured subject. What is the GAR score?
Your team is preparing to leave the ICP to assist with a pack out. Avalanche danger has been reported to be Considerable. The route takes you across several avalanche chutes but the trail is clear. You are not the first team to leave. None of you are avalanche qualified. How would you rate the Environment?
Your team has hiked 10 miles with at total elevation gain of 5,000 feet. The ICP asks if you can continue searching along a ridgeline. You are the team leader and think that your team is too tired to continue searching safety. Can you accept the assignment?
Your team is hiking along the Rattlesnake Mountain trail, about 6 miles from either end. Your team member notices movement down along a steep slope. You assess the slope to be too steep to guarantee safe travel without ropes.
On arriving “at the patient’s side”, you determine that you have lost all communication with the CP and all other teams. This would be a
You are assigned to a team during an evidence search. While clearing the area you come across a piece of steel pipe with caps on the ends. There is also what appears to something duct taped to it. You best action is to?
You awoke for work at 0630hrs. You had a busy day at work and at 1630hrs a page goes out for a search in the Snoqualmie Pass for a missing 11 year old. Due to the age the search goes on through out the night. At 0630 the new teams are starting the second operational period and you have been debriefed and released. You get in your car and start to drive home. Your ability to drive is the equivalent to someone with a blood alcohol of?
Your team is ready to leave. You are going into unfamiliar hilly terrain at night. One member has fallen in the parking lot and injured her hand. She says she’s ok but you see that she cannot close her hand.
You and your team are searching for a missing six-year-old male in an urban environment. He has been missing for six hours. The trackers have followed a trail to a large box store construction site. Your team has been assigned to search the site. You find an open manhole and upon further examination you discover what appears to be the child and the bottom. There is no response to voice calls and no movement. Your best option is to?
Your team is performing a pack-out of an individual with a sprained ankle out the Pratt River drainage. One of your team members suggests fording the river.
While on your assignment you see a “No Trespassing” sign as part of you assigned area, you should?