Legal Issues

Meets v80 standard for the written portion of Legal Issues.
WA EMD will reimburse your for losing your smart phone on a mission.
Use of Incident Command System on missions is mandated by Washington State Law.
It's OK to go to a mission with my leg in a cast, after all I can just do paperwork in base.
Your first aid qualifications expired a year ago. It is OK to go on a mission:
Which color of emergency lighting is allowed on volunteer search and rescue vehicles under Washington State Law?
Who is ultimately responsible to maintaining your training records?
If you get injured on a mission, you should report your injury to...
Who issues a SAR DEM number for a mission in Washington State?
Portal to portal liability coverage means...
Which of the following does the "Good Samaritan" law NOT cover?
In Washington State, who has authority to determine the need for a mission?
If you are asked to perform a task you are not trained to do, is it your duty to:
It's OK to perform medical care using techniques that you have not been trained in or are not authorized to perform by county protocol if you think it will save a person's life.
You, your search team and your volunteer organization share liability for all of the following EXCEPT:
During Search and Rescue efforts, if your team is in a hurry to find related evidence, it is permissible to enter a building where access is controlled without the permission of the owner or manager of the structure, because the Sheriff's office will cover for us.